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Support to Dissemination and exploitation (D&E)

Maio 11- 8:00:Novembro 22- 17:00


  • A conceptual and operational framework for D&E taking into account the elements mentioned under “scope” and offering solid methodological and practical approaches.
  • A proposal for a set of actions to be implemented by the different stakeholders and a plan to deliver on the framework, with monitoring and evaluation metrics.
  • The implementation of relevant actions aiming at e.g. supporting and complementing individual projects efforts in their D&E activities.
  • The analysis of possible means and tools to support the delivery of the framework, including a proposal for the functionalities of the Digital Europe Programme Results Platform (see the Digital Europe Programme Model Grant Agreement Art. 17 and its Annex 5) in the light of the Horizon Europe Results Platform.


The action will maximise the impact of the Digital Europe Programme and the take up of its results through a Dissemination and Exploitation (D&E) conceptual and operational framework, including the delivery of a number of practical actions.


The action will address at least the following dimensions:

  • the overall programme, its Specific Objectives (SO) and areas therein, down to topics and projects where appropriate;
  • the capacity building and use strands of Digital Europe Programme;
  • the different stakeholders;
  • the stages of the project lifecycle and the reporting obligations;
  • coordination within EU and beyond when relevant, taking into account the policy priorities and initiatives;
    • between projects of Digital Europe Programmes and other programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe);
    • within Digital Europe Programme itself, identifying and exploiting complementarities of projects among SO and topics;
    • between Digital Europe Programme and EU member states national/regional programmes;
    • of the different programme implementing bodies, e.g. European Commission, Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), JU and similar bodies.

The action will consider means that can help delivering its objective, including the pertinence of leveraging already existing tools, e.g. of other EU programmes like Horizon Europe. The action will consider innovative approaches to D&E and how to improve the uptake of Digital Europe Programme results beyond the entities directly involved in the projects.

Opening date: 11 May 2023
Deadline date: 26 September 2023 17:00:00 Brussels time