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Supporting The Network Of National Contact Points (NCPs)


The action is expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

– Improved and professionalised NCP services across Europe, supporting access to Digital Europe Programme calls, lowering the entry barriers for newcomers, and raising the average – quality of proposals submitted;

– Robust NCP support services across Europe that are adapted to specific objectives of Digital Europe Programme, including;

– more participation of new players in the programme;

– matchmaking activities to connect potential participants from widening countries with emerging consortia in this thematic area using a variety of tools;

– dissemination of information about security and ownership control rules in Digital Europe Programme for applicants.


This action will support the coordination between different National Contact Points (NCPs) for the Digital Europe Programme, the preparation and execution of actions that maximise awareness and the impact of the programme and the long-term dissemination and exploitation of results.

The selected project will provide support for all specific objectives of Digital Europe Programme.


Proposals will contribute to the development of a specific NCPs network for Digital Europe Programme.

Proposals should facilitate trans-national co-operation amongst NCPs, encouraging cross-border activities, sharing good practices and raising the general standard of support to programme applicants and facilitate participation of new players in the programme.

The selected proposals will provide adapted support for Digital Europe Programme communication (including info days), dissemination and exploitation activities, including, for instance, the preparation of material and organisation of events.

Special attention should be given to enhancing the competence of NCPs, including helping less experienced NCPs rapidly acquire the know-how built up in other countries. Where relevant, synergies should be sought with existing networks to organise matchmaking activities.