Digital Skills and Jobs

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This course is offered by Escola Superior de Tecnologia of Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave.

The course aims to provide the participants with technical skills, enhancing their abilities both analytical and aesthetic competences in the development, production and workflow of Digital Compositing and VFX for Digital Games and Films, being able to manage both, the software technical and creative components within the characteristics inherent to this process, as well as endow the participant with analytical knowledge of the workflow with Nuke.

We will also study the VFX Pipelines, rendering, formats, finishing and we will be taking a look at the end, for the rules of a professional showreel in Digital Compositing.

The teaching methodology comprises theoretical and practical classes with the development of classroom exercises for a final showreel.

Theoretical and practical knowledge will be demonstrated by a continuous assessment during training, with practical exercises proposed in class, and a final work developed as an individual showreel.

Participants must obtain at least 10 points (on a scale of 0 to 20 points) in each of the assessment exercises.

Due to the practical characteristics of this course, it is not allowed to perform (or improve) the grade after the final exam or in any special exam season.